Ride Leaders Wanted

The club is looking for club members to come forward to lead some club rides on a regular or ad hoc basis.
In order to support this the club is looking to fund up to 4 club members to attend the British Cycling Ride Leadership Level 1 Course.

Details here Ride Leadership Course

The Ride Leadership Award Level 1 course trains up confident and competent recreational cyclists to lead groups on the road in a safe and enjoyable manner.

If . . . → To Read More Click : Ride Leaders Wanted

National MTB XC Championships

Race report from supported rider Marcus Holmes

A trip down to Hadleigh Farm in Essex (North bank of the Thames) showed that the heat hadn’t left! With the course taking a large bowl shape any heat didn’t really leave, so it just got hotter as the day progressed. As the weather had been like this for a few weeks prior it was extremely dry & dusty, so grip was needed to make it around without sliding all . . . → To Read More Click : National MTB XC Championships

Lichfield Races 2018

With the conclusion of the races last night we come to the end of our races this year. Four Saturday morning Youth races, three Friday evening adult races and Saturday afternoon adult races. All went well thanks to the help from club members. Between Nigel and I, we organised them, but were reliant on help for them to run smoothly. This year we added skills tests for the younger riders and these took more manpower to . . . → To Read More Click : Lichfield Races 2018

Curborough NFF #3 Results

After the hot dry weather for the last month we managed to have rain for our last races of the year.

Thank you to the rider who braved the conditions and gave the spectators some entertaining races.

Results (click blue link below)

NFF #3 Women Results

NFF #3 Cat 3 Results

NFF #3 Cat 4 Results

Lap Times

NFF #3 Women laptimes

NFF #3 Cat . . . → To Read More Click : Curborough NFF #3 Results

National Youth Circuit Championships U16 boys, Scarborough, 8 July

Race report from supported rider Matthew Kingston It was about 20 degrees and hazy, which was a relief as it would make climbing the infamous long, steep hill slightly more pleasant. The hour-long race consisted of five shorter, rolling, laps on the hilltop, then six full laps, which included a steep descent in to a hairpin and a long, steep hill climb.
For the five top laps I made sure to keep out of trouble . . . → To Read More Click : National Youth Circuit Championships U16 boys, Scarborough, 8 July