Derby Track Session

We have a two hour session on the track at Derby Arena. 20.00 to 22.00 on 29 September

How we use the time depends on who is interested – experts – beginners – intermediates.

We have enough to run the session and there are a number of riders new to riding the track – if you would like to join them let me know quickly.

Register your interest and it will enable us to plan the programme for the . . . → To Read More Click : Derby Track Session

European Track Champs

Ken Roesner represented the club at the European Champs, held at Roubaix, this year and succeeded in winning a bronze medal in the Mens 55-59 Scratch. – . . . → To Read More Click : European Track Champs

WMCCL round 3

Race report and another win from supported rider Toby Barnes

Yesterday’s race was at another tough course in Henley in Arden. During the day the course got drier and drier, by the time it came to my race it was bone dry. Many short steep climbs on a short lap meant it was going to be a hard race. I got a really good start and lead up the start straight into the first corner. . . . → To Read More Click : WMCCL round 3

WMCCL round 3

Race report from supported rider Daniel Barnes

Today was round 3 of the WMCCL league at Johnsons coaches. The course was extremely dry and therefore very bumpy, it was on a hill so there were 3 or 4 short climbs which were very energy sapping. I got a great start and was leading, then I rode away from the field with one other rider within the first half lap. The other rider attacked me . . . → To Read More Click : WMCCL round 3

WMCCL Round 2

WMCCL round 2 Pipe Hayes – Two Reports

This weekend it was the Bicicielo/Lichfield event in the West Midlands league. It was a great, tough course which I helped to set up on Tuesday and Saturday. During the morning I was a hare and sweeper for the younger age races and marshalled other races.  By the start of my race, the course had changed slightly because of the number of riders racing throughout the day. I lead . . . → To Read More Click : WMCCL Round 2