Curborough NFF #3 Results

After the hot dry weather for the last month we managed to have rain for our last races of the year.

Thank you to the rider who braved the conditions and gave the spectators some entertaining races.

Results (click blue link below)

NFF #3 Women Results

NFF #3 Cat 3 Results

NFF #3 Cat 4 Results

Lap Times

NFF #3 Women laptimes

NFF #3 Cat 3-4 laptimes


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Curborough July 7 results

Small fields today but some good racing in hot sunshine.

Our next youth races should be in early April next year. Have a good Christmas.

Results – click blue link below


U 8s July 7 Results

U 10s July 7 Results

U 12s July 7 Results

U 14s July 7 Results

U 16s July 7 Results

Lap times


Youth C – U 12 – laptimes

Youth D – U 10 – laptimes

Youth . . . → To Read More Click : Curborough July 7 results

Curborough NFF #2 Results

Thank you for coming – both helpers from the club and riders, A good turnout in all categories and some interesting racing.

Results (click blue link below)

NFF #2 Results Women

NFF #2 Results Cat 3

NFF #2 Results Cat 4

Lap times

Laptimes Women

Laptimes Cat 3 & 4

Our third and last Friday races this year are next week on July 13


Curborough 23 June Results

Just for once it was warm and dry. Thank you for coming to race and also to our commissaires and club members who helped to run the races today – a long day from 07.00 to 18.00 but worth while.

We wish Zoe Bennett a speedy recovery after the crash in the Women’s race.


Youth Races

Youth E – U 8- 23- 6 Results

Youth D – U 10- 23- 6 Results

Youth C . . . → To Read More Click : Curborough 23 June Results

No Frills Friday Race Results

Thank you for coming – it stayed dry and there was some interesting racing.

Results and lap times below (womens races misses the first three laps)

Next Lichfield adult races on Saturday 23rd June, 6th and 13th July

Click blue link below for details

NFF#1 18 Results Women

NFF#1 18 Results cat 3

NFF#1 18 Results cat 4

Cat 3 4 – Cat 3 4 – laptimes

Ladies – Ladies – laptimes


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