Results No Frills Friday #2

Thank you for coming and providing some good racing.

Results attached below

LCCC NFF#2 Results youth A&B

LCCC NFF#2 Results Cat 4

LCCC NFF#2 Results Cat 3

Lap times attached below

Youth A B C D E – U16 14 – laptimes

Cat 3-4 NFF2 – laptimes

These results are provisional. Any queries before Sunday 18.00. Results will go to BC on Monday

Neil Lawford

. . . → To Read More Click : Results No Frills Friday #2

Lichfield CCC June 4 Results

Thank you to all riders that came and provided some good racing. We were blessed with warm dry weather that made the racing and spectating more pleasant.

A particular thank you to Esther Stuart who volunteered to commissaire at the last moment as Bob Pinkerton was in hospital (we wish him a speedy recovery) as well as to all the club members who helped to organise and marshall the event.

Provisional results are below – . . . → To Read More Click : Lichfield CCC June 4 Results

No Frills Friday Results

A low turnout from the youths for the first race but a full field of 50 for the Cat 3 and Cat 4 race. Despite starting first with a 300m start the cat 3s did not catch the cat 4s and instead the cat 4s lifted their pace so that they began to eat into the lead of the cat 3s and then succeeded in catching the cat 4s with 1 lap to go so . . . → To Read More Click : No Frills Friday Results

7 May Curborough Youth Races – Results

Just for a change it didn’t rain and the sun came out.

Thank you for coming and supporting our race series. The results below are provisional until Monday when they will go to British Cycling.

Our next races are on June 4 when we have youth races in the morning and adults races in the afternoon. These include a Go Race which is intended for adult novice racers – so if you raced today see . . . → To Read More Click : 7 May Curborough Youth Races – Results

Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth Tour: 29th April – 1st May 2016

Report from Simon Alexander

Emile Alexander and Hayden Norris were the sole representatives of Lichfield CCC in the U14 age group out of a total field of 65 riders for this incredibly popular and competitive event drawing in some of the top riders from all over the UK.

Day 01: The Prologue was a windy out and back along Douglas Promenade – 1.3km total distance. Both had excellent rides – Hayden 10th in 1:57 and . . . → To Read More Click : Sleepwell Hotels Isle of Man Youth Tour: 29th April – 1st May 2016


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