Cafe Ride Safety

The cafe ride is intended to be a sociable club ride. It is not a race, neither is it an opportunity to demonstrate your macho strength.

The first fast group may be going at ‘a good pace’ and if you get dropped from that group you will be picked up by the second group. However the second group is intended to ride as a group at a pace to suit all of those in it and if anyone suffers a mechanical or a puncture our club will stop and wait for it to be sorted. The riders at the front of the second group are expected to set a pace that makes sure that the group stays together. Shouts up and down the group will help.

We expect all groups to obey all the rules of the road. Where the road is narrow, perhaps because of parked cars, you must take care, giving way if the way cars are parked gives priority to oncoming vehicles. If the road markings indicate ‘give way’ – you will give way and if that means the group splits those in the front section will wait for those behind to catch up. It is not acceptable for those having to wait to have to sprint for some distance to get back on.

Please remember that we are identifiable as a club and we cannot afford more adverse comments.

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