Curborough 17 June Results

It was a very hot sunny day and I would like to thank all the riders for taking part in conditions that were more taxing physically than is often the case, but even more so I would like to pay a big thank you to all the club members who helped, some of them throughout the day in uncomfortable conditions. The two commissaires, David and Bob, spent their day (and Bob’s birthday) out in the sun in the centre of the track making sure the races ran safely.

Thank you all !!

Results and lap times are below


Youth E Results 17 June

Youth D Results 17 June

Youth C Results 17 June

Youth B Results 17 June

Youth A Results 17 June

Go Race Results 17 June

Women Results 17 June

Cat 4 Results 17 June

Cat 2-3 Results 17 June

Lap Times

Youth E – U 8 – laptimes

Youth D – U 10 – laptimes

Youth C – U 12 – laptimes Youth B – U 14 – laptimes

Youth A – U 16 – laptimes

Women – laptimes

Go Race – laptimes

Cat 4 – laptimes Cat 2 3 – laptimes

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