National Trophy Round 1

Race report from supported rider Daniel Barnes
D1Yesterday I went to the course in Derby to practise for round 1 of the National Trophy series. I spent lots of time finding the best lines around the corners and by the end of the practise session the surface was becoming very slippery and mud was sticking to the bikes a little bit. Going into the race today I was very confident that I knew the best lines and that I had grip where others maybe didn’t. I practised early in the morning and the conditions had hugely changed, it was now extremely slippery and more muddy due to the overnight dew. I got a good start to the race and was sitting in 2nd for most of the first lap and at one point gaining quite a lead over 3rd. The course now wasn’t as slippery as the morning because it was drying but it was still very tough on the corners. After the first lap groups formed and I was in the 2nd group of 3 so fighting for 4th, I attacked the group with 2 laps to go because the lead group was only about 10 seconds ahead, I got within about 3 seconds but I didn’t quite make it across and tired for the last lap where one of my original group caught me again and overtook me. I’m happy with 5th today and can be confident going into the other National Trophy rounds because I only finished 17 seconds behind the winner and the race was very close between the top 6 riders.

Thank you,
From Daniel

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