Ipswich National Trophy Round 6

Race report from supported rider Emile Alexander
This course is very different to all the others. It is never muddy and is similar to a crit race on the road. It has long fast tarmac straights and all the corners can mostly be taken at full speed. I really enjoyed racing on this course the last few years because it is always flat out from the start and it really suits me.
My start was decent as I was gridded on the front row in 5th. About 5 or 6 riders passed me on the straight into the first corner on the grass. We were then onto the finish straight as the first lap was cut short and I passed a good few riders and went straight to the front. I led past the pits keeping the pressure on. I made a mistake and clipped my pedal on a stake and had to unclip. This pushed me down to 7th place as I couldn’t find my pedal to clip back in. The lead two riders Alec and Oli pushed on hard and the seven of us got away. It was then just 6 of us and me and Dan were at the back so we were really struggling when they kicked out the corners at the front. We were gapped every lap and we had to fight to get back onto them on the long tarmac sections and this expended our energy quite a bit.

E1 The first 3 riders got away towards the end of the last lap and this meant it was up to Me, Dan and a Scottish lad to battle for 4th. The hurdles were very close to the finish and Dan decided to hop them this lap as he had done consistently all race. His back wheel clipped on the first one and he went over the bars. I pushed on hard to the finish and was a wheel length ahead of the Scottish rider for 4th.

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