3rd overall for Daniel Barnes in the National Trophy Series

Race report from supported rider Daniel Barnes

At the weekend I competed in the final round of the National trophy series in Ipswich. On Saturday I rode the course and it was very dry and fast like how I expected because it’s on a show ground with a great drainage system. I liked the course because it’s different to a usual cyclocross course and it makes for close group racing. d1

d2 I got a good start on Sunday in the race and I was leading. I let a couple of riders past to get out of the wind and a lead group of 6 of us were away for the race after that point onwards. I was hopping the hurdles every lap and it helped me to stay in contact and be in the group more comfortably. In the race the group was sometimes splitting and I tended to be in the 2nd part but continued to battle back to the leaders and was in contention again. It was very hard to move to the front of the group as we were all battling to be there and there were loads of corners to power out of it if you were at the back of the 6 riders. On the last lap I was in 4th approaching the hurdles which were the last section of the lap and I attempted to bunnyhop like I had been successfully doing because it would give me a chance of getting into 3rd and then being in a podium position for the finish straight. They were full 40cm height hurdles and I knew there was a risk and I ended up crashing on the first hurdle, going over the handle bars and being out of contention and I rolled into the finish in 6th. I’m disappointed with the way the race ended however it was a really fun, hard race and I’m glad I was going well. I’ve been consistently in the top 5 until this race in the series which has earned me 3rd place overall, I’m very pleased with this and I’m happy with how the series had gone for me. I’m really excited for the champs which will be very different to the course at Ipswich and I’m hoping for a good result to top off what’s been a great season so far.
Daniel Barnes

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