Early season win at Woolly Mamil Round 2

Race report from supported rider Matthew Kingston at Woolly Mamil Round 2 Stourport January 27th 2018

m2I decided to go and do one of the early season races at Stourport to test my form going into road after the cyclocross season. It was quite windy and wet which meant that I adjusted my tyre pressure to slightly lower than usual. The race was only scheduled to be 35 mins so I made sure that I had a good warm up.
On the first lap a strong rider attacked so I went with him. We managed to open up a gap of around 20 seconds after about five laps. There was a strong group of around 14 riders chasing us but they never really managed to work as a pack to chase us down, a few guys made attempts but ended up back in the pack.

As the race went on we gradually increased our gap and were working well together but I felt really strong so as I knew he had a good sprint I decided to attack with 5 laps to go. I attacked him out of a corner and got about a 10 second gap from there I maintained a strong pace to secure the win.
I was very pleased with this and hope to be able to maintain and build on this through the long road season ahead.

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