Curborough Youth Races 28 April Results

Thank you to all riders that came and rode, despite the weather being a bit duller than we would have liked. Thank you also to all our members who assisted with the running of the events.

This year we have taken the decision to give the Under 8s and 10s some skills tests as well as a race. This gives them a little more value for money but also rewards those young riders who have developed good bike skills but who may have not yet developed muscles that perform well in a race.  The overall winner on the podium was the rider who did best at both aspects. The skills tests will remain the same at the coming 3 Saturday morning races – so take the opportunity to practise.

The older age groups had good sized fields and some good racing. Well done

Lost property – one small long sleeve LCCC top, one pair zip off trousers, black and a pair of leg warmers.

Combined Skills and Race results

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth E combined

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth D combined

Race Results

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth E

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth D

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth C

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth B

lccc april 28 2018 results Youth A

Lap Times

Youth A – U16 – laptimes

Youth B – U 14 – laptimes

Youth C – U 12 – laptimes

Youth D – U 10 – laptimes

Youth E – U8 – laptimes

Our next races are on 26 May, also an event in the WM Youth League

Finally we wish Nigel Capewell, the organiser of today until a week ago, a speedy recovery from recent surgery

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