Gym & Training

The benefits of resistance training for endurance athletes is well documented. The attached anatomical adaptation (AA) programme has been designed to introduce Lichfield CCC members to the rigours of strength training. This programme should be completed 2 x per week, for between 4-6 weeks, prior to the commencement of your specific strength routines (to follow). The AA phase represents the foundation on which the other phases of training are based. The name of this phase has been specifically selected to illustrate the fact that the main objective of strength training is not an immediate overload, but rather a progressive adaptation of an athlete's anatomy. The objectives of the AA phase are focused around "prehabilitation" with the hope of preventing the need for "rehabilitation." In other words, focusing on a higher volume of training with low to medium loads will aid in the adaptation level of an athlete's muscle tissue, ligaments and tendons, and prepare the body for the more challenging program inherent in the following phases of training. Furthermore, a methodologically structured AA phase will aid in the improvement of inter-muscular coordination (i.e. balance, coordination and neural firing patterns), and increase the bone mineral content and proliferation of connective tissue that surrounds the individual muscle fibres." Aaron Caseley Bodyweight exercises (core strength)   S and C Max Strength   Abt_2007_Relationship_cycling_mechanics_core