Training at Curborough returns on Tuesday 27th March.
Please make sure that you have your parental consent forms, signed and completed for the start of the session. NO CONSENT FORM, NO RIDE! Can you also please remember your club membership needs to be upto date, if not you will be charged £5 for the session. Please make sure you have renewed your membership a few days before as it may not show on our records.

Sessions as follows:-
Tuesday evenings start at 6.30pm, be ready to go at this time. This session is for the more experienced riders, if you have attended this session before please feel free to turn up. If you want to attend this session but are not sure if you are experience enough please contact either Daryl or Paul. Do not just turn up or you will be turned away. We will aim to finish the session around 8pm, other than the first few weeks as the light can be an issue.

Thursday evenings start on 29th March at 6.30 prompt. This session is for the beginner and intermediate. If you attend the Tuesday night session, you will need a separate parental consent form for this session. The less experienced rider will finish at 7.30pm but those with more experience will continue until 7.45/8pm.

There will be a grass session on a Friday evening commencing 20th April for beginners. This will replace the Tuesday evening session on the grass, more information to follow.

Ladies please look out for further news on a session for women only on a Wednesday evening, more information to follow.

Consent forms are available on the club website.
Contact details for any other information:-