Race report from supported rider Daniel Barnes

This weekend’s race was round 1 of the National trophy series in Derby.  Rain on Saturday made for a slippery course but I found the right lines then.  I raced at 10am on Sunday so had to get out onto the course early to find the right tyre pressures and tyre choice which after practice I was very confident on full mud tyres for as much grip as possible because of the dew overnight.  I was gridded 2nd row as a first year junior which was okay but I missed my pedal off the start and dropped to about 16th, then through the first lap I moved up to about 6th and then in the 2nd and 3rd lap I was still moving up and jumped away from my group racing for 4th and caught 3rd.  Meanwhile the group was splitting up and 3 riders caught me back up.  I sat in 2nd wheel for a while and then there was 3 of us racing for 3rd with about 2 laps to go.  Me and another regional rider (Simon Wylie) were working hard together and dropped the other rider and then on the last few corners he managed to gain enough of a gap on me as we entered the tarmac at the finish so I finished 4th.

I’m delighted with this as a first junior national race and as a result I have gained selection for a GB cyclo-cross race camp in Belgium in 2 weeks’ time where we will compete in 2 races over the weekend (Super Prestige at Boom on Saturday and a B-Cross on Sunday).

Daniel Barnes