This was the first LVRC race of the year for LCCC riders, but, understandably given the atrocious weather conditions, the initial six strong LCCC cohort materialised as three on the day: Andy Lockley, Dave Bennett and Andrew Dumbill.

Conditions were not the best for any form of riding: an air temperature of 1C, sleet, and the course covered in slush. After a few warm up laps Dave wisely headed off for an early shower and approaching the start line Andy Lockley punctured, which saved him from the ordeal!

The race itself was just a matter of survival against the elements, the pace generally steady. The main aim for Andrew was simply to be upright after each corner.

The strong headwind down the back straight ensured nothing was going away, or perhaps it was because everyone was just frozen to a metronomic pace. Either way the bunch remained together to the end. Andrew Dumbill managed to pick his way through a rather emaciated field in the sprint to get a 9th place overall, and a 2nd place in his age category. A fine performance in such testing conditions.

The next race for LCCC LVRC team will be the BUSH HEALTHCARE PINVIN ROAD RACE on 30th March, with at least seven LCCC riders on the start sheet, and hopefully, much better weather to greet them!