The rules for the challange, as circulated to members, are  August Hill Climb Challenge.

I have started the ball rolling with times for two of the four hills. I do not expect for one moment for my times to remain in the top 10 – so get riding. The points now make more sense – if you have not completed all the climbs you get points equal to the number of riders for each blank time. Now sorted by totals..

Having completed the four climbs – some comment :

Goosemoor is the easiest. I was expecting Stilecop to be the hardest but it wasn’t – it is long but the gradient is fairly constant and you can stay in the same cadence. Chapel Lane is steep but relatively short. Col de Tatenhill Common is long but not so steep for ¾ of it but you start with the steepest part.

I will update this results/standings spreadsheet and post regularly as times come in. Last update 13 Aug.

Note – traffic lights at top of Rangemoor last week

Hill Challenge19