With Christmas upon us we hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable time even if conditions are far from normal. What better way burn off the excess food than a few hours out on your bike, but remember to stay in small groups and ride at safe distances.

As the year draws to a close, it is also the time to renew your club membership. The cost has been held at the same as last year (£15 for individuals and £25 for families).  While renewing your club membership, don’t forget your BC membership and if appropriate, race licence.  Race licences are always valid for a calendar year.

In 2021, we expect to run the same series of races at Curborough as we have traditionally; five Saturday mornings of youth races and three Friday evening adult races. The youth races are already registered with BC and entries will open at the end of January. The dates for Youth races are as follows:

  • 27 March
  • 24 April
  • 22 May
  • 19 June
  • 3 July

 Friday evening races will be registered with BC in the next few weeks and will be between the last week of May and mid-July.  For both series of races, if you entered one of the 2020 races and did not have a refund you will be entitled to free entry for a 2021 race.  Club coaching at Curborough is being planned and more details will be sent out as soon as we have them.

Vicky Webb