We are pleased to announce that our Thursday evening youth coaching sessions will resume on the evening of 22nd April. All youth riders welcome. We will evaluate rider numbers in the coming weeks with the view to building up to offering a Tuesday session also for advanced riders. £5 session fee for all none club members.
The session will be 1830-2000 or until the light permits.
Club membership mis only £15 for individuals or £25 for a family. Join the club here https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/subscriptions…
Please arrive at least 15 mins before the session start time to register.
Please bring a completed consent form with you. https://www.lichfieldccc.org.uk/…/Rider_Information_and…
Beginners must be able to ride unaided in a straight line and stop using the brakes. Bikes must be mechanically sound with 2 brakes, fitted with pedals and a freehub (no fixed pedals).
The session will concentrate on basic skills such as braking and cornering offering the rider a chance to develop and become proficient at a range of core cycling and bike handling techniques that will prepare them for their first club session or race.
Intermediate session will be skills based with a reasonable level of fitness required. They will look to improve on their existing skills as well as look at techniques across disciplines that will progress your child to the next level of their cycling journey. Road bikes or CX/gravel fitted with road tyres.
Correctly fitted helmets must be worn, gloves are recommended and clothing to suit the conditions.
Individual water bottles (no sharing) and a snack if required.
One parent/carer per rider who are expected to drop off, leave and return to collect. Parents/carers for younger riders may stay but must adhere to Covid regulations and must socially distance.
Toilet facilities are available on a single person at a time basis.
Please contact coaching@lichfieldccc.org.uk for any further info.