Thank you to coming for our first morning of youth races for 18 months. Thank you also to the Lichfield members and the Commissaires who gave up their Saturday morning to ensure the event ran smoothly.

Our next races are on May 22, which is also a round of the WM Youth League. Hopefully Covid restrictions will have eased a little by then.

We had an accident in the U16 race which looks as if a rider towards the fron of the bunch either slowed or moved line resulting in half the bunch being brought down. Please remember when riding in a tight bunch to be very careful when changing line or speed

U16- results       U14 – results       U12- results           U10 – results             u8 – results

Lap Times
Youth A – U16 – laptimes          Youth B – U 14 – laptimes                Youth C – U 12 – laptimes               Youth D – U 10 – laptimes                    Youth E – U8 – laptimes

Neil Lawford