Thank you for coming and providing some good racing, unfortunately interupted by a crash in the mens race. The rider brought down was up and walking later in the evening and was going to go to A&E just for a check up.

The mens results have been tricky to compile. The official race results will be based on the final part of the race over 10 laps however it was not possible to reset the chip timing system for this and with the riders stopped on top of the timing loop there were many false laps recorded before the restart. I believe that the results below are correct. I have included the position over the timing loop before the crash for information and the lap times is for the whole event. You will see the change in lap times around lap 12.

Results       Women no frills#1 – Women               Cat 3 & Cat 4  no frills#1 – Cat3 4

Pre crash position Cat 3 & Cat 4  no frills#1 – pre crash Cat3 4

Lap times     Women  no frills#1 – women – laptimes           Cat 3 & Cat 4    no frills#1 – Cat3 4 – laptimes