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2015 Winners

This year the Committee took on board comments from members about the past selection process for supported riders and as a result formed a sub-committee separate from the main committee comprising the Chair/Vice Chair, a coach without any conflict of interest and an independent Club member who races but doesn’t have any connections with the youth side.  To recap;

  • The age range of those who could apply in 2015 has been widened from past support which was only available to older members of the youth section, this year riders had to be between the ages of 15 and 18 by 31st December 2015
  • The committee believes we are one of the few local clubs (maybe the only one) that offers support to young riders,
  • The scheme has been designed for all who meet the criteria to apply and give others who currently don’t quite meet the criteria* something to aim for in future,
  • Those not eligible this year may well be eligible next and also future years after that,
  • That said the committee will take opinion and comments forward for planning next years scheme and accommodate where it is viable to do so

Of a potential 20 plus candidates those that applied had personal information that would enable them to be identified by the committee members removed from their application forms.  This meant that their applications would be considered anonymously and decisions taken were based purely upon the merits and strength of their requests for support.  The committee felt this was the fairest way that support could be made available.  Those who were successful were contacted as soon as the meeting had ended.  This process seems to have worked well however there is always room for progression and improvement and if any Club member has anything that they feel could add to the decision making process next year then please email Olivia Cooper at

* Applicants needed to be 1st claim members, raced at a minimum of 5 regional events in 2014, planning to race at a minimum of  3 national events in 2015 and keep the club up to date with progress and race reports throughout the year.  Applications were welcomed across all cycling disciplines and the awards recognise this.  It also demonstrates the strength of the club across those disciplines, something the committee are keen to see continue in 2015 and beyond.

Those successful are listed below.  The comments below are from the sub-committee in respect of the individual applications.  We look forward to 2016 applicants in future and will advise members later in the year when applications are open.

Supp Riders 15

Amy Selibas “Amy is a youth representative on the club committee, a British Cycling Young Volunteer and the only Mountain biking applicant that we received.  She seems to have a clear set of goals and targets for achievement.  Amy always seems to have time for the younger riders within the club and displays a positive attitude and approach which will motivate and inspire herself and others.”

Charlie Cox “Charlie has applied to become a supported rider in order to purchase essential equipment to enhance his track cycling.  In enabling Charlie to increase his cycling equipment, he will be able to compete and progress further during the 2015 season.”

Emily Capewell The sub-committee considered Emily as she compiled her application form in a very open and honest way.  Emily was very transparent in how she was going to use the bursary and her reasoning for the use of the money was very sensible.  She is a good ambassador for the club always taking time to talk to the younger girls and offer positive support to them.  As a role model she is someone for them to look up to.”

George Woodhead “George had an accident last season whilst racing for the club which had left his equipment damaged.  The money will help him to replace and repair his kit which will, in turn, enable him to continue racing for the club.  George also mentioned which races that he will not be able to enter due to A level exams.  This shows that he is forward thinking, plans ahead and he adopts a very mature attitude to cycling and the club as well as his academic studies.”

Sophie Capewell “Sophie is a well-known member of the club and ambassador for female cycling in general.  Sophie competes regularly and she already provides the club with frequent updates on her successes within cycling through social media.  It was decided that she should be supported in order to keep the high profile of the Lichfield name in the public eye.”

Toby Barnes Toby had obviously put a lot of time and effort into his application.  He thoughtfully created a strong case for representing the club as a supported rider.  Toby clearly demonstrated his strengths.  In addition to this, he reflected deeply on how funding would be used to supplement his own financial commitment to improving his equipment.  Toby recognises that this will give him the edge in competition for his chosen discipline of Cyclocross.”