Cross Country

Cross Country mountain bike racing started in the late 80’s and has developed over the last 20 years into an Olympic sport. Courses have changed over the years from 10 mile monster courses of limited laps to the current format of short cloverleaf courses with more laps largely to make the sport more interesting to watch whilst still retaining interest for the riders. There is a national race series and the local series is the Midlands XC series which both run events for riders of all ages and abilities including children.


A separate format of racing has developed alongside the traditional cross country for those riders wishing to ride longer courses called Enduro’s/Marathons and usually consist of longer distances with mass starts for all age groups with the competitive types being at the front and the less fit and competitive taking their time at the rear. These are great experiences to help build skills in different environments and terrains but more suited to Adult riders because of the distances involved.