Coaching Philosophy

As a club we have high aims for our members and our coaches want to help you achieve your aims.

Coaching Philosophy

In our quest for ‘World Domination’ the coaching team are focused on helping the club’s riders be the very best they can be. This may be achieving honours on the National, European or World stage or completing a sportive or charity ride. At the same time we want all riders to enjoy the sport in a fair, friendly, equitable, supportive and safe environment.  The whole coaching team are proud of the club, its achievements, and are committed to helping everyone achieve their own personal success, whatever that may be.

As the clubs coaches are British Cycling qualified the emphasis at club sessions is predominantly on racing and the club has a development pathway in order to achieve success at all levels across each discipline. With a strong focus on youth development the team’s key objectives for 2013 are:-

  • Acceptance for 2 riders onto a ‘British Cycling’ talent programme
  • Minimum of 3 National Championships
  • Regional Team selection for at least 2 riders in Road, Track and MTB
  • Each rider to achieve at least one club ‘Standard’ award.


Development Pathway


The club are looking to develop relations with local schools in order to raise awareness of cycle sport and encourage new members.

A four week development programme culminating in an inter school competition is being developed to give a taste of competitive cycling and introduce young people to the club.

Club Sessions – Race School 1

An initial introduction to basic race skills and development through the clubs green and yellow standard awards will provide riders with the fundamental skills and knowledge to be competitive and achieve success at regional races.

Club Sessions – Race School 2

Building on the basic skills RS2 aims to further develop the riders in order to challenge at National level and through the black and Red awards prepare them for the first stage of British Cycling’s Talent Development Programme, the Regional Schools of Racing.

By now the riders will have developed a greater independence and should be beginning to identify their own goals and objectives.

‘Cluster’ sessions

Through integration with other top local riders and input from BC talent coaches these sessions are intended to put the icing on the cake and project riders to the top echelon of national riders. They should be able to achieve the Blue standard and push onto the club’s highest and most prestigious award the ‘Gold’ standard. Riders achieving this level will be potentially strong ‘talent programme’ candidates.

The attached documents explain what we are setting out to do.

Club standards explained

‘Gearing up to be World Class’