Club Rides

There are a number of opportunities throughout the week and the year for club members to join in on club rides, training rides or local training sessions. Riding with other members is a great way to keep motivated and improve your fitness. Remember that some of the rides may feel quite quick at first but stick with it, keep training and before you know it you’ll be ripping up the tarmac!

Though the winter and early spring the roads will often be quite damp so it’s well worth investing in some mudguards (there are some nice lightweight crud catchers that will fit most bikes) It will be very much appreciated by your fellow riders as sitting behind someone who is spraying you with mud and water for a couple of hours isn’t great.

Check the calendar and the message board for details of what’s on and where it’s being run from. Lichfield CCC is a racing club so some of the sessions below are quite advanced and if you are new to club rides its worth going on one of the easier rides first. Rides generally start from the Turnpike pub and other sessions are held at Curborough. There are also a number of locally organised indoor sessions at the Friary Grange  Leisure Centre. Youth rides and training sessions are being finalised and some of these will be suitable for adults as well-details on these to follow.

The rides below change every so often – see details under calendar for current information.


Club ride from the Rugby Club at 9.45am. This is about 30-35 miles and at about 17-18 mph average with a number of riders using it as a pre race warm up or recovery ride. Normally has a cafe stop as well.  This will continue through the Spring and Summer but numbers will vary depending upon race commitments etc. However if there is a Curborough Youth Race scheduled there will be no ride as Lichfield members are expected to help out at these events if they are available


The Wednesday night chain gang. Meet 6.30 pm at the Turnpike