Thank you for supporting our races today, and for many of you, all five of our youth races. Some good races at all levels today.

Our next youth races will be our 2023 series which should commence at the end of March. They will be on the BC calendar once registered.


U8       July 2 Yth E                         Lap Times      Youth E – U8 – laptimes

U 10    July 2 Yth D                         Lap times      Youth D – U 10 – laptimes

U 12    July 2 Yth C                          Lap times      Youth C – U 12 – laptimes

U 14    July 2 Yth B                          Lap times      Youth B – U 14 – laptimes

U 16    July 2 Yth A                          Lap times      Youth A – U16 – laptimes