The committee and Club AGM decided that it would like to name the youth series as the ‘Lawford Youth Series’. With its new name I would like to make the five races a series with a trophy for the overall winner at the end.

The League scoring
Each of the leaders in the 10 races each morning – 5 age categories and boys and girls – will get points. If more than 10 riders this will be 10, 9, 8 etc for the first 10 places and if less than 10 riders it will be 3, 2, 1 points for the first three places. This aligns with the BC points structure.

These points will be aggregated over the five mornings and the trophy will be awarded to the rider with the highest total. This should make it as possible for it to be won by a rider from any age category.

Dates for the races 23 March,  13 April,  18 May,  15 June,  13 July

Current league table  League table 2024

Neil Lawford